• February 3, 2020
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How Working Remotely Can Increase Potential

The American workforce has come quite a way from the traditional telecommute jobs such as customer call centers and sales to encompass a wide variety of careers that can be successful right from the comfort of home. With advancements in technology bringing more and more options for connectivity, many careers can be successfully carried out from a laptop anywhere in the world.

Working remotely as a loan officer is becoming a more popular as companies, such as Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, LLC., thrive on business models that incorporate the value of remote workers.  These models suggest that companies can capitalize on strategies that increase productivity through consolidated support systems that provide common resources for remote workers.

With companies providing the structure needed to excel in the mortgage industry, it is important to evaluate your working habits in order for the remote partnership to be fulfilling for both you and your employer. Once you have weighed the pros and cons of working in this fashion and have decided that it is something you feel confident in pursuing, there are ways to make a smooth transition and ensure success.

Working remotely requires a highly structured framework of which you operate on a daily basis.  Making schedules and sticking to regular working hours can help with productivity. Once you develop a strategy that works within your expectations, it is important to attempt to not deviate from that path.

For many loan officers, mirroring a traditional office schedule helps to create a plan of action.  Set times for morning meetings, calls to possible clients, follow up with contacts, and afternoon wrap up will all lay the groundwork for a working day. Booking appointments and maintaining the integrity of your schedule will allow you to become accustomed to working without an office.

Of course this means being realistic about your personal commitments and family schedule if applicable.  One of the greatest pitfalls for any remote worker regardless of the career,  is to over extend their schedule, causing a breakdown in productivity for both personal and professional requirements.  Successful scheduling begins with honesty, being honest with yourself about your abilities and time restraints, then you are able to build a schedule that allows you to thrive both professionally and personally.

Possibly the biggest component to your ultimate remote working success is that of the support system created by the company in which you work. The quality of the system in which your work will make a great impact on your overall ability to produce results.  Resources at Paramount Residential Mortgage Group LLC., such as advanced marketing systems, , TBD underwriting, support desk, and world class technology all come together to provide you the framework for career growth and satisfaction.

Making the leap from office to remote working can be a rewarding career move, one that opens up endless possibilities.