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We’re Looking to Grow Our Team.

But we don’t want just anyone. We provide tools, support, and compensation to help you close business & grow your career.  We’re looking for experienced loan officers with a book of business & years under their belt.  At the same time, experience is important and we’ll compensate you well for it, but there is no substitute for ambition and dedication.

Our retail division remains one of the best-kept secrets in our industry. Our mortgage branch opportunities & loan officer opportunities are exclusive and extended to individuals that are team players and who truly understand the mortgage banking industry.

If you are looking to increase your compensation for your hard work. Or you want more freedom to work on your hours or at your location. Or if you’re sick of being micromanaged by a corporate boss obsessed with hitting his numbers…then look no further. If you are ambitious and hard working then you’ll fit right in here at PRMG!

What Makes Us Different

We’re not your normal mortgage company.  And this isn’t your normal loan officer position.

Higher Commissions

Higher Commissions =
More Cash For You

We know how it works. You work and work and work and then when it times to get paid you wonder, “how did I bring in that much revenue and only get this much in my check?”. At PRMG, we believe the more business you generate means the less marketing we have to pay for. And we’re more than willing to pass that savings along to you!


Freedom to Work In the
Office or At Home

Times are changing and we all know it. You don’t have to be confined to an office or a cubicle to provide high quality, consistent work. If you are an experienced, autonomous loan officer you can probably work just as good at home as you do a the office. So we’re not going to require you to come in to one. If you want to work from home you can. If you want to host a client in the office feel free to use it at your disposal. The freedom is yours!


More Autonomy,
Less Micromanagement

We’re not in business to micromanage people. We’re not looking to tell you how to sell your clients or do your business. As long as you are bringing in business then we’re happy. We prefer to focus our time and energy on making the process smooth for you once you find your clients and submit your loans. Less micromanagement, more support.

Expedited Career Growth
For Ambitions LO’s

We’re one of the fastest growing private mortgage companies in the nation. And people love working for us! If you’re sick of the stressful, dead-end work at the bigger banks or you want to be compensated fairly for the revenue you bring in then you will love PRMG. Not only do we help you take your loan officer business (and paycheck) to the next level we are expanding rapidly and have a variety of other positions to ascend in to. This isn’t a dead-end. This is just the beginning!

career growth

Why Us?

Our loan officers love working with us. In our latest employee poll,
these are the most popular reasons.

  • Aggressive Compensation Model
  • Top Tier Pricing
  • Down to 550 FICO, Manual UW OK
  • The Most Advanced Marketing System in the Industry
  • Dedicated Transition and Onboarding Team
  • TBD Underwriting – No Property Needed for an UW Approval
  • Brokered out Options Available if Needed
  • Deal Desk – We Help You Find a Solution to Those Tough Deals
  • Control Your Fulfillment – Branches Can Have Their Own Dedicated Underwriters Closers!
  • Stability – With Over 1500 Employees and Fundings Over 6 Billion Annually You will Have the Strength of a Nationwide Lender Behind You….But You Will Work With a Local Branch Manager That Supports Your Every Need.
  • Quick Hassle Free Underwriting
  • Full Scenario Support Desk
  • Wide Product Selection – All FNMA, FHLMC, VA, USDA, Jumbo, and Portfolio
  • World Class Technology
  • Group Health/Dental /Vision and 401k
  • Offices Nationwide
  • GNMA Issuer
  • Among the Top 25 Largest Independent Lenders in the US
  • Agency Direct Seller/Service
  • Regionalized Operations
  • Top Tier Pricing

Our Clients

We work with a variety of industry-leading clients large and

Employee Testimonials

You will love to work for us. Don’t believe us? Don’t take our word for it.


Not to brag, but we’re an industry leading mortgage company
recognized as one of the best places to work.